Who is Dana?

I guess by creating a personal web site, we’re inviting you into our home and our lives. We could be elusive like so many others on the World Wide Web, but why bother putting up all these pages and not telling you anything, especially if you’re taking the time to actually read the text instead of just looking at the pictures.

My name is Dana Lacredit which is not the most attractive name and surname. Most people assume Dana is a woman’s name and Lacredit… well I’ve heard it all. Anyway I was born in Ottawa but spent part of my childhood in Hungary. My parents are Hungarian and I speak the language. We could say I’m bilingual and while I consider myself Canadian I do also have a thing for my Hungarian roots.

Ottawa is a great place to be born and grow up. However most born in Ottawa end up moving to a bigger city like Toronto, or Montreal, or to the United States. In 2008 I finally got my act together and joined everyone else and moved to Toronto.

I am a hairdresser and work for a good hair salon. When I say good I say that they don’t treat you like a slave as it so happens in most hair salons. The pay is good and I get all the benefits of working full time there so I really can’t complain. My goal is to one day own my own hair salon but I still have a long way to go. So I am enjoying life and time as it comes. I also like to write stories and novels as you probably have read in the front page of my blog already LOL

Like with my name and people assuming stupid stuff, most people seem to think that Canadians live in igloos most, if not all of the year. It’s not true! The only igloo I have ever seen in Ottawa is the one my sister and I built when we were kids. We also don’t wear snow shoes! In fact, the summer brings temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius on a regular basis. It’s really funny to see the tourists come with parkas.

I currently live with my boyfriend Gary (news flash, I’m gay) in an apartment on the 4th floor of a building in downtown Toronto. The view from our apartment is not all that great (the roof of a church) but the view of Toronto from the roof of our apartment building is simply astounding. I have pretty much lived downtown (in Ottawa and now Toronto) for most of my adult life and would never give it up if I had the choice. Living downtown allows you to go anywhere anytime you want. At 2:00 am when you want something to eat, you can find it downtown. Living downtown is especially good for people without a car.

Gary and I have been together since June 2006 and have been living together since November 2007. Our apartment in Toronto is our second apartment together, and much smaller than our first.

We listen to music a lot too. I guess we have about 300 CDs between us so there’s lots to listen to. I’m crazy about anything Bon Jovi does and still enjoy a lot of the ’80s music. My interests lately have been with all the new dance music coming out. Not that techno crap that is so prevalent, but dance songs with words, a good beat and a melody. Nineties groups like Ace of Base, Aqua, Backstreet Boys, Corona, Savage Garden, Real McCoy, Sky, Cher & Hanson always get my attention. It’s also great to hear some of the disco hits coming back. No one belts out the tunes like Gloria Gayner or Martha Wash.

Now that I have a good size kitchen, I’m getting into cooking a lot. I love to eat well and cooking is the way to do it. I’ve been trying new foods lately and been surprised at what I like. Who would have thought brussel sprouts could be good (cut them in half and toss them in a frying pan for a couple minutes with some garlic, butter, salt & pepper).

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