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Star Wars defense, are you for real?

So I feel like trolling in my personal blog isn’t something that bad, or more than trolling, I’d say it’s creative thinking. So I’ve thought of something with this Star Wars defense initiative the American government is going to be implementing and would like to hear what others think. The idea of having satellites which could blast missiles out of the sky before they hit the ground might sound like a great idea, but I think it will just breed a false sense of security in Americans.

starwarsFor one thing, what if several other countries, like in Asia or the Middle East went to war and nuked each other? What if the radiation and fallout from that was so severe it traveled all the way across the globe? They can blast bombs out of the sky but you can’t stop radiation or fallout from going where it pleases. Also, what about the radiation from those missiles going into the atmosphere and creating more holes in the ozone? Something I learned not too long ago was about a bio-product of nuclear explosions called Cesium 137, a radioactive isotope which is released each time a nuclear bomb goes off.

During the 1950s and 60s the American and Russian government let scores of bombs off as tests. Every single time a bomb was exploded a veil of Cesium 137 covered the atmosphere of the entire planet, not just within the area the bomb was let off. It’s like the chaos theory saying about how if a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Japan it affects the air currents over here. Well if a nuclear bomb goes off in the Nevada desert, for instance, Cesium 137 will reach Japan, it will reach the north pole, south pole, Europe, Australia…you get the point. And if you look at the size of the holes in the ozone layer-some years the one over the arctic has been the size of an entire nation. Much of this damage was caused cumulatively, over the years, by nuclear testing, and even if were stop all CFC emissions, etc., the damage could already be so severe that these are just band-aid solutions and it’s too late.

I think Star Wars is a waste of money, personally. Instead of spending more on national defense and military they could spend that money to improve social conditions and promote global peace so they wouldn’t need national defense. Also, recently NASA scrapped a $900 million space program, because human technology has not progressed far enough where they are able to finish it. This is in a country which has no national health care system and no national post secondary education system. America has the highest gross national product in the world. They are also responsible for 25% of all global pollution. Other countries who aren’t even half as wealthy offer free or partially funded college courses and a state health care system to their citizens.

Most countries are signing treaties to work together to reduce pollution and improve the environment. America’s strength seems only to lay in it’s military, and that even if it makes bad decisions that could hurt people internationally there is little anyone can do to stop them because they are a dominant world superpower. I’d be interested to hear what anybody who reads this thinks about any of these issues. Obviously I don’t have any solutions to any of this, but I guess I’d just like to know if other people out there have thought about these kinds of things and what those thoughts are.

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